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    《Language in use》Public holidays PPT課件


    《Language in use》Public holidays PPT課件


    這是一個關于《Language in use》Public holidays PPT課件,主要是了解while只能指一段時間,而不能指時間點。從句的動作或與主句的動作同時發生,或主句的動作是在從句動作的過程中發生的。因此,從句中的動詞必須是表示延續性動作或狀態的動詞。如:when和while 的區別 when與while 都意為“當……的時候”。when 引導的時間狀語從句, 謂語動詞既可以是持續性的, 也可以是終止性的;而while引導的時間狀語從句, 謂語動詞只能是持續性的, 并且常用進行時態。試比較等等,歡迎點擊下載哦。

    a) There were a lot of local people 
         there as well as some tourists.
    b) I had a wonderful day and I will
         never forget it.
    c) During my first year, I went to the
        beach for the Labour Day holiday.


    《Language in use》Eating together PPT課件3:這是一個關于《Language in use》Eating together PPT課件3,主要是了解被動語態基本用法:當句子的主語是動作的執行者時,謂語的形式是主動語態。當句子的主語是動作的承受者時,謂語要用被動語態。被動語態由助動詞be+過去分詞構成,時態通過be表現出來。完成課后的例題以及分析內容,Where and when you ate it ,Who you were with ,Why the meal was special or unusual ,What happened at the end of the meal ,What the nicest thing about the experience was 等等內容,歡迎點擊下載哦。
    《Language in use》Photos PPT課件2:這是一個關于《Language in use》Photos PPT課件2,主要是了解定語從句的相關概念1.定語從句:在復合句中修飾名詞或代詞的從句Mary is a beautiful girl.形容詞作定語Mary is a girl who has long hair.句子作定語,修飾girl, 叫做定語從句2.先行詞:被修飾的名詞或代詞Mary is a girl who has long hair.合并句子等等,完成課后的練習。歡迎點擊下載哦。
    《Language in use》Look after yourself PPT課件:這是一個關于《Language in use》Look after yourself PPT課件,主要是了解一下一般現在時,用法:表示經常性的和習慣性的動作常用時間狀語: usually, sometimes, in spring, every day, in the morning結構:do / does否定構成: don’t+動原 / doesn’t+動原一般疑問構成及簡答: Do+主語+動原+其它?Yes, I do. Does+主語+動原+其它?No, he doesn’t.特殊疑問句舉例 What do you often do on Sundays? Where does he live? 注意: start, leave, go, come等動詞的一般現在時可表示按規定、計劃或安排預計要發生的事情,如The plane takes off at six past five.?陀^真理在從句中也用一般現在時。歡迎點擊下載哦。
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